Rank Full name Species total Last updated on Latest addition Age
1 Jonty Denton 12941 19th May, 2022 Leucoma salicis, Rondania fasciata, Epyris niger, Mompha terminella, Triaxomera fulvimitrella, Aplasta ononaria, Bethylus dendrophilus Phaulernis fulviguttella, Andrena pilipes, Philonthus sanguinolentus, Stenichnus bicolor Chrysis fulgida, Dasycela oliviella, Ochthebius viridis, Hardya melanopsis, Conioscinella gallarum, Phyllocnistis xenia, Ortholomus punctipennis 55
2 David Gibbs 11575 19th April, 2018 Rhagium inquisitor 28/10/15 reared from larvae found in Black Wood of Rannoch 31/3/14; Chestnut Bunting Emberiza rutila Papa Westray, 25/10/15
3 Mark Telfer 9085 12th November, 2023 Simacauda dicommatias (moth, leaf-mining Chilean Myrtle), Salticidae sp. X (jumping spider, NTB, no name as yet), Cryptachaea blattea (theridiid spider), Lichtensia viburni (Viburnum Cushion-scale), Cacopsylla fatsiae (= Psylla tetrapanaxae?) (psyllid on Tetrapanax), Crypturaphis grassi (Italian Alder Aphid), Aulacorthum solani (Glasshouse-Potato Aphid), Aculops fuchsiae (gall-causing mite on Fuchsia), Penlee Park/ Morrab Gardens, Penzance, 26.x.2023. Thunnus thynnus (Atlantic Bluefin Tuna), off Botallack, 25.x.2023. Spodoptera exigua (Small Mottled Willow), Cot Valley, 24-25.x.2023. Schistostega pennata (Goblin Gold moss), Carn Euny, 23.x.2023. Dasypolia templi (Brindled Ochre), Cot Valley, 22-23.x.2023.
4 Graeme Lyons 8791 10th December, 2023 Omphalapion beuthini, Hermitage Farm, East Sussex, 1st August 2023. Also there Beraea maurus 23rd May 2023. 45
5 Richard Comont 8615 23rd June, 2022 A couple of bioblitzes, in Leicester and Plymouth 37
6 Alastair Stevenson 8522 30th January, 2022 Some highlights from 2021: Clifden Nonpareil, Scarce Hook-tip, Barrett's Marbled Coronet, Northern Mockingbird, Long-toed Stint, Scilly Shrew, Lesser Horseshoe Bat, Laboratory Stick Insect, Lesser Octopus, Red Gurnard, Bombus muscorum, Opilo mollis, Clytra quadripunctata, Macropodia tenuirostris, Asterina phylactica, Hericium erinaceus, Clathrus archeri, Eumenes coarctatus, Formica rufibarbis, Lasius emarginatus, Lasius fuliginosus, Dilta chateri, Sabacon viscayanus, Peribalus strictus, Hemacerus mirmicoides, Zaraea fasciata, Urocerus gigas.
7 Stephen Plummer 8490 8th December, 2023 December: The slime moulds Metatricha vesparium, Hemitrichia clavata & Lamproderma violaceum (the latter in amazing quantity! Burnham Beeches); Physarum viride (bark culture from Tarn Hows, Lake District); Hericeum cirrhatum (Tiered Tooth).
8 Steve Lane 8126 4th December, 2023 Just 22 new species to my list since the last update. these mainly comprise mosses and fungi.
9 Paul Bowyer 7950 5th September, 2023 Paratanytarsus inopterus
10 Nicola Bacciu 7788 21st July, 2021 Lichens from survey work - lots of New Rare and Interesting, plus several spiders from helping James McGill target appropriate geological areas for Civizelotes (several new colonies found in Devon) 53
11 Brian Eversham 7658 28th September, 2022 2018-2021 have been very lean years for diversity, as I've spent more time trying to write workable keys to the new elm species (latest version at https://www.wildlifebcn.org/sites/default/files/2021-07/Complete%20key%20to%20native%20and%20naturalised%20elms.pdf ). I've made some time in winter for more on Cladonia and Sphagnum, and in the New Forest, I finally found Cladonia mediterranea and C. zopfii, and North York Moors C. merochlorophaea and C. cryptochlorophaea. I've worked through nearly all the eastern Englisn Goldilocks Buttercup species too.
12 Tony Davis 7430 2nd October, 2023
13 Julian Small 7250 8th December, 2023 Arachnid: Scutovertex sculptus. Bryophytes: Metzgeria violacea and Lewinskya affinis. Beetles: Sciodrepiodes watsoni and Temnocerus longiceps. Flies: Seioptera vibrans, Diplonevra abbreviata, Megaselia longipalpis, Hylemya urbica, Pegomya rufina and Anevrina thoracica. Fungi: Thelephora terrestris, Asterophora parasitica, Mycena acicula, Helvella lacunosa, Russula emetica, Entoloma cetratum, Calocera glossoides, Paralepista flaccida, Scleroderma citrinum, Erysiphe alphitoides.and Clavaria argillacea. Hymenoptera: Panstenon oxylus, Macropis europaea, Torymus salicis, Asaphes vulgaris, Pediobius cassidae, Tetramesa longula, Triaspis aciculata, Ismarus distinctus and Colastes pubicornis. Slime Mould: Stemonitis herbatica. Spingtail: Xenylla boeneri. 49
14 Andy Musgrove 7249 10th December, 2023 The year 2022 yielded 777 new, including 202 beetles, 183 flies, 103 bugs, 96 spiders, 89 Hymenoptera, 35 moths, 25 plants, Black-browed Albatross, Chequered Skipper, Brown Haistreak, Azure Hawker, Northern Damselfly, White-faced Darter, Sickle-bearing Bush-cricket etc. End-of-2022 biological record total = 217,774. 52
15 Tim Hodge 7210 8th November, 2022 Some recent IDs 09/06/21: Nebria livida, Dyschirius thoracicus, Pardosa monticola, Tetropium gabrieli, Botanophila laterella, Helcomyza ustulata, Rhamphomyia maculipennis, Rhamphomyia tarsata, Cidaphus alarius and Acrobasis suavella 67
16 Andrew Cunningham 7200 5th December, 2023 Rachispoda fuscipennis (Sphaeroceridae, Diptera)
17 Matt Prince 7065 10th January, 2020 Obviously this year was dominated by the Spider Year List with an astounding 50 spider lifers in 2019 - almost one a week and it wasn't like i was starting from scratch. Congratulations to the winner Graeme, but you know I had a great time, plus some amazing spiders :- Dec - Thyreosthenius parasiticus, Panamomops sulcifrons Oct - Marpissa radiata, Glyphesis servulus, Walckenaeria alticeps, Clubiona rosserae, Hygrolycosa rubrofasciata,Neon valentulus, Scotina gracilipes Sep Macaroeris nidicolens, Tegenaria agrestis, Zoropsis spinimana (a beast now she's grown a bit), Anyphaena numida, Micaria subopaca, Nigma walckenaeri, Philodromus fallax (at last!), Agroeca proxima July Allomengea vidua June Gnaphosa occidentalis, Agyneta ramosa, Dipoena tristis, Entelecara omissa, Thanatus striatus, Salticus zebraneus, Pirata uliginosus, Erigone welchi May Zora silvestris, Nigma flavescens, Oxyopes heterophthalmus, Pirata tenuitarsis, Hypsosinga albovittata, Trichoncus affinis, Maso gallicus, Cheiracanthium virescens, Trichopterna cito, Theridion blackwalli , Araeoncus humilis, Euophrys herbigrada Apr Robertus arundineti Silometopus ambiguus, Walckenaeria obtusa, Centromerus serratus, Mermessus trilobatus (new for Devon), Saloca diceros May Mermessus denticulatus (new to UK), Entelecara erythropus, Silometopus incurvatus Feb Meioneta mollis, Typhochrestus digitatus, Walckenaeria monoceros 50
18 Kevin Rylands 7000 21st August, 2023 Red-footed Booby for the milestone! Other recent additions largely from the Sandwich PSL meet including Southern Emerald Damselfly, Carthusian Snail, Fig-leaf Skeletoniser, Bittercress Diamondback, Heath, Lesser Streaked & Scarce Tortoise Shieldbugs, Ant-nest Ladybird, a jewel beetle Aphanisticus pusillus, Pale Tortoise Beetle, Blue Mint Leaf Beetle, the weevils Ethelcus verrucatus & Hypera ononidis, Long-horned General, the spiders Calositticus inexpectus, Phlegra fasciata & Steatoda triangularis. Elsewhere from the Warren, Hedgehog Slug, Small Shaggy Bee, Skullcap Sawfly Athalia scutellariae, a ground beetle Philorhizus melanocephalus, Angle-spotted Ladybird, Hairy Rove Beetle, Pouting Woodlouse-fly & Guiry's Wrack; other Devon sites; Blackening Chanterelle, Rigid Beard-moss, Indian Bean & Holly Aphid, a spider wasp Dipogon variegatus, Small Ranunculus & Lunar Hornet Moth; and from the Island, undescribed rust on Mind-your-own-business, the mirid, Pilophorus perplexus, Acer Sober, Buff Mompha, Hairy Crab, Chameleon Prawn & Creephorn. 50
19 the late Eric Philp 6878 21st April, 2014 Eric's pan-species list is dated 3rd July 2012.
20 Seth Gibson 6877 5th December, 2023 Nov: Took a holiday and headed south! The Eden Project yielded a hot-house earwig and woodlouse. A few days on Isle of Wight with Mark Telfer resulted in a fat fistful of lifer myriapods, a few beetles, hemiptera, molluscs, moths, two bristletails, plus a few other bits 'n pieces. Wood Calamint and Martin's Ramping-fumitory were obvious stand out plant additions whilst Shoddy Ragwort was an unexpected bonus lifer for both of us. 51
21 Simon Davey 6722 30th December, 2018 Rufous Turtle Dove, Radford's Flame Shoulder, Abia sericea, Andrena vaga
22 William Bishop 6634 9th December, 2023
23 Calum Urquhart 6444 16th March, 2021 Dicyrtomina ornata (Springtail), Bolitophagus reticulatus (Tenebrionid beetle), Pseudopsocus rostocki (Psocid). 23
24 John Martin 6274 4th November, 2023 Updated with 126 new species from 2023, many from Shropshire, often with Nigel Jones and local midweek outings with the wildlife group. Also trips to Isle of Wight with Andy Musgrove, Dorset and Cornwall. Year's highlights included New Forest Shieldbug, Large Conehead, my last Fumitory (Martin's Ramping-fumitory!), Baneberry and Yorkshire Sandwort at the nth attempt, Beautiful Marbled at Portland, Angle-striped Sallow in Shrewsbury, finally my first Brachyopa species and a rare twitch for Magnolia Warbler in Glamorgan. Quite a lot of flies to be determined and the bryophyte season is upon us. 64
25 Sam Thomas 6122 4th December, 2023 581 new species in 2022 - blog here: https://sjtbotany.blogspot.com/2023/01/biological-recording-and-psl-review-2022.html 35
26 Malcolm Storey 6112 26th January, 2020 Steatonyssus periblepharus (bat mite)
27 John Coldwell 5860 15th March, 2021 Chrysolina marginata. 2014 additions now included, 92 diptera, mainly calypterates, all from Barnsley area. Quite a few chironomids new for 2015. Also Ring-necked Parakeet and a new mammal - Chinese Water Deer (not from Barnsley!) 2016 saw 52 new diptera recorded locally, mainly chironomids, 6 new to Yorkshire. Pipunculus oldenbergi was a large pipunculid found at 2 localites also new for Yorks. A mysterious agromyzid that so far has evaded determination awaits specialist attention. Dusky Thrush.
28 Neil Fletcher 5505 8th August, 2023 Great field trips with the Dipterists Forum to Salibury Plain and the Gower, BMIG to Wiltshire and PSL to Sandwich Bay have added almost 200 species so far this year.
29 Christian Owen 5440 26th November, 2023 Polydesmus asthenestatus (new for Wales), Dinas Powys Woods (23/11/23). / Berthella plumula (Sea-slug) and Worm Pipefish from Aberthaw on 29/10/23.
30 George Tordoff 5397 28th January, 2023 First update for over 2 years. I've been mainly focussed on micro-moths, slow progress with other groups. 46
31 Sally Luker 5153 6th August, 2023
32 Sean Browne 5060 21st December, 2022 465 new species in 2022. Highlights, Queen of Spain Fritillary, Cape Gull and lots of fungi. 66
33 Ali(stair) Shuttleworth 5031 7th December, 2023 {28.vii.2023 , Spilonota ocellana, Chilodes maritima, Mythimna straminea, Elachista maculicerusella, Limnaecia phragmitella - moths, 5,000th species Silky Wainscot}{05.09.23 Brown Booby}, Tomato (finally!), Limnephilus vittatus (RSO)
34 Martin Harvey 4809 7th June, 2023 Finally (it's only taken me six years or so!) I've got round to properly sorting out the links between my MapMate species names and my iRecord species names. I've also filtered out various species aggregates and sub-species that were being double-counted. I now have a much tidier, but shorter, list! This hides a few additions during 2018 (mostly flies and beetles), and also provides incentive to keep recording during 2019 :)
35 Martin Bell 4804 2nd November, 2023 September additions include Magnolia Warbler, the moths: Mullein Wave, Delicate, Black-banded, Small Wainscot and Frosted Orange, the beetles: Rhinoncus leucostigma, Olibrus corticalis, and Lochmaea crataegi. the bee Sphecodes ephippius, the sawfly Cimbex connatus, the fungus Favolaschia calocera, and my first UK coachroach, Capraiellus panzeri. 62
36 Bill Urwin 4803 24th November, 2023 Some nice fungal additions, a few gall causers, Red Gurnard and several Drosophila suzukii, new to UK in 2012, now all over the place. Males have nice black spot at end of wing. Open a glass of wine and sit and wait :-) 71
37 James Emerson 4778 7th February, 2023 Several churchyard lichens in Jan 2023.
38 Pete Forrest 4748 24th December, 2022 End of year update
39 Robert Yaxley 4704 3rd January, 2023 404 new species in 2022, lately been honing lichen/ fungi ID skills and doing a bit of insects and spiders on the side. 53
40 Colin Smith 4619 9th January, 2023 65
41 Simon Van Toller 4564 16th January, 2023 58
42 Keith Robson 4459 6th December, 2023 I rarely leave the county these days so I got a right sack-full in the last 2 months due to a holiday in South Devon (41 new plants - none that even occur in vc66) 3 new dragonflies, 4 new butterflies etc. etc.). Also trips with the North Pennines AONB Recording group means I have been sneaking into Yorkshire, Cumbria and Northumberland.
43 Nicholas Montegriffo 4316 9th June, 2021 River Warbler 62
44 Finley Hutchinson 4176 17th October, 2023 Zostera anglica 19
45 Ryan Clark 4158 2nd April, 2023 29
46 James McCulloch 4104 27th August, 2022 New additions from working in Wytham Woods during August: Listrodromus nycthemerus, Allygidius commutatus, Columella aspera, Scymnus haemorrhoidalis, Oncotylus viridiflavus, Gasteruption assectator, Anacampsis blattarella, Arthaldeus pascuellus, Atomaria lewisi, Orthoperus brunnipes, Monotoma picipes, Omonadus floralis, Pomatias elegans, Corticaria impressa, Mompha epilobiella, Graphomya maculata, Closteromus norwegicus, Stilbus testaceus, Adarrus ocellaris, Anacaena globulus, Protapion assimile, Acanthothrips nodicornis, Platnickina tincta, Argyra leucocephala, Psylliodes chrysocephala, Plodia interpunctella, Conops quadrifasciatus, Trypoxylon clavicerum, Stictopleurus punctatonervosus, Anthicus antherinus, Bedellia somnulentella, Platycis minutus, Mocydia crocea. 19
47 David Shute 4013 7th June, 2022 Platyrhinus resinosus 61
48 Mark Skevington 4011 6th December, 2023 55
49 James Harding-Morris 3966 23rd November, 2023 Turkish Snail - my 100th mollusc! Red-tipped Clearwing - 23rd July. Corncrake - 2nd August. Edible Dormouse - 6th September. European Yellow-tailed Scorpion - 7th September. Willow Emerald, Grey Bush Cricket, Top Shell & Pointed Snail - 8th September. Wartbiter & Bacillus whitei (Slough's Wonder-stick) - 9th September. Lesser Grey Shrike - 10th October. Retrospectively added a brown hydra from a photo taken in 2011 - Hydra oligactis (Thanks to Brian Eversham for the ID!). Retrospectively added Red-veined Darter from a photo taken in 2009 because apparently I was an idiot in the past. So far in 2016 - Perez's Water Frog at Ham Wall, Aesculapian Snake (at long, long last), Glanville Fritillary, Red Helleborine, Fen Orchid, Wild Boar (at last!), actually saw Lady Amherst's Pheasant (at long, long, long last).
50 Nigel R Jones 3903 22nd November, 2023 Highlights of 2023: White-crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys), Grey-headed Lapwing (Vanellus cinereus), Stejneger's Scoter (Melanitta stejnegeri), Caliprobola speciosa, Pocota personata, Land Quillwort, Twin-headed Clover, Upright Clover, Pygmy Rush, Fringed Rupturewort, Plymouth Pear, Pyrausta sanguinalis, Hypercalia citrinalis, Small Dotted Footman, Speckled Footman, Dark Bordered Beauty, Spotted Ray, Beautiful Marbled, Silver-striped Hawkmoth, Magnolia Warbler (Setophaga magnolia), Death's-head Hawkmoth, Veery (Catharus fuscescens), Red-headed Bunting (Emberiza bruniceps) 68
51 Martin Gray 3833 20th November, 2023 07/10/2023 Agromyza johannae (Fly mine on Broom), 25/10/2022 Red-headed Bunting, 07/10/2023 Dytiscus marginalis Great Diving Beetle,10/2023 Box-tree Moth (at last),27/09/2023 Magnolia Warbler, 25/09/2023 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper,18/09/2023 Phyllonorycter pastorella (Moth leafmines)16/09/2023 Clifden nonpareil, 10/09/2023 Brown Booby, 07/09/2023 Phyllonorycter comparella (moth - mines), 1/09/2023 Mompha sturnipennella (Moth), 30/08/2023 Caloptilia cuculipennella (Moth leaf-mine on Ash),17/08/2023 Ochsenheimeria urella (Moth),11/08/2023 Gypsy Moth, Silver Barred, Pandemis dumetana, Ancylis paludana, Oblique Carpet (moths),7/8/2023 Blepharidopterus angulatus (Bug), Scarab Shieldbug, Pyrrhalta viburni (Beetle), 26/07/2023 Dichrorampha plumbagana (Moth),17/07/2023 Metoecus paradoxus (Beetle), Vanoyia tenuicornis (Soldier Fly),13/07/2023 Nemophora minimella (Moth),27/06/2023 Monochroa hornigi (Moth), 26/06/2023 Perittia obscurepunctella (Moth), Allantus togatus (Sawfly), Liriomyza puella (Fly), 25/06/2023 Scarlet Tiger, 22/06/2023 Obscure Wainscot (Moth), 15/06/2023 Rannoch Looper (Moth), 13/6/2023 Ammophila sabulosa - Red Banded Sand Wasp, Euura viridis (Sawfly), Cimbex femoratus (Sawfly),11/06/2023 Diaperis boleti (Beetle), 10/06/2023 Neosphaleroptera nubilana (Moth), 05/06/2023 Brachyopa insensilis (Hoverfly),01/06/2023 Stephensia brunnichella (Mega Micro Moth), Dascillus cervinus - Orchid Beetle, 31/05/2023 Great Snipe (bogey bird finally ticked), 30/06/2023 Euura vicina (Swafly larva), Phaedon amoraciae (Beetle), Tephritis respertina (Fly), 24/05/2023 Hypsosinga pygmaea & Enoplognatha mordax (Spiders), Melanimon tibialis & Calathus melanocephalus (Beetles), Philopedon plagiatum (Weevil), 11/05/2023 Rhinoncus pericarpius (Weevil) & Philonthus cognatus (Rove Beetle|), 29/04/2023 White-winged & Stejnegers Scoters, 02/05/2023 Grey-headed Lapwing, 25/04/2023 Pelenomus quadrituberculatus (Weevil),22/04/2023 Microlestes maurus (Beetle), 20/04/2023 Rhizophagys bipustulatus & Anistoma humeralis (Beetles), 63
52 Steven Gale 3831 26th May, 2023 1st June 2021: Starry Clover (Shoreham, West Sussex); 2nd June 2021: Lesser Marshwort (Headley Heath, Surrey); 5th June 2021: Rose Chafer (Balham, London) 64
53 Sam Buckton 3805 20th April, 2022 Lots of stuff from St Nicks in York (including springtails, myriapods and snails), plus some nice things from Chinnor Barrows in the Chilterns (e.g. Juniper Shieldbug). 26
54 Stephen Howarth 3794 5th February, 2023 224 species added in 2022. Highlight was Mountain Ringlet, my last GB breeding butterfly. Other highlights include: Rhombic Leatherbug, Centrotus cornutus, Small Eggar (larval web), Andromeda Lacebug, Hornet Moth, Oblique Striped, Dark Red Helleborine, Phasia hemiptera, Gold Spangle, Pedicia rivosa, Gold Swift, Tachina grossa, Lempke's Gold Spot, Asiraca clavicornis, Convolvulus Hawk-moth, Dewick's Plusia, Carabus problematicus, Magpie Inkcap 53
55 Mark Jackson 3706 26th July, 2017 After a visit to Meall Glas, Perthshire - Shepherds Cress, Melancholy thistle, Carex pauciflora, Lesser twayblade, Northern billberry, Cranberry, Northern Bedstraw, Alpine meadow rue, Alpine Bistort, Hair sedge, Beech Fern, New Zealand Willowherb, Purple saxifrage, Grey Mountain Carpet (Entephria caesiata). 55
56 Harry Witts 3618 30th October, 2023 Strensall Common 16/7/23- Euura collactanea, Carpatolechia alburnella, Aristotelia ericinella 23
57 David Winnard 3602 10th December, 2023 2023 (Aug) - Yellow Bearded Milkcap, Yellowdrop Milkcap, Stump Milkcap, Russula torulosa, Entoloma griseocyaneum, Scutellinia crinita, Ramularia parietariae, Ramularia agrimoniae, Puccinia brachypodii var. poae-nemoralis, Vinegar Brittlegill, Cortinarius croceocoeruleus 37
58 Louis Parkerson 3557 10th December, 2023 Red-necked Grebe 20
59 Dave Emley 3477 8th January, 2023 71
60 Neil Harvey 3421 15th November, 2020 Gymnetron villosulum, Grammotaulius nitidus - first Essex record since 1936, Cyrnus trimaculatus, Blepharidopterus angulatus, Clifden Nonpareil, Clancy's Rustic, Plain Wave, Bradycellus verbasci, Cerationostoma ostiorum, Psylliodes chrysocephala, Malvapion malvae, Longitarsus ballotae 50
61 Andy Kirby 3367 22nd July, 2021 1st July. Just back from Orkney & Scottish Highlands, with White-tailed Sea Eagle, Pine Marten, Scots Primrose, Great Yellow Bumblebee etc. Plus Orange Moth, Little Scissor Bee & Wool-carder Bee from home.
62 Duerden Cormack 3300 10th December, 2023 Orchesia undulata - Hayley Wood, Cambridgeshire 24
63 Adrian Knowles 3239 11th October, 2023 The micro-moth Eucosma pupillana from Wormwood in the Lee Valley, Middlesex. 60
64 John Pilgrim 3216 6th February, 2023 48
65 Jeff Blincow 3164 22nd April, 2015 Agonum sexpunctatum at Hankley Common 15/04/15
66 Dave Horton 3161 29th October, 2023 66
67 Stuart Warrington 3146 1st December, 2023 Aculus laevis Galls on Salix caprea. Red star thistle Centaurea calcitrapa at Litlington Sussex. Dacne rufifrons from fungus. 64
68 Paul Clack 3115 24th June, 2023 End of 2022 update. 125 new sp. this year for me. Highlights included polecat at last, Pacific diver, a great Kent weekend with dainty damselfly, late spider and long-lipped tongue orchids, black-veined moth, clove scented and oxtongue broomrapes etc, various rockpool goodness in Northumberland including sea lemon, fifteen spined stickleback and bloody Henry starfish, willow emerald in Oxford and garden moths including bordered and scarce bordered straws. 46
69 Brad Scott 3112 20th June, 2021 14 June: Anthus trivialis (Tree Pipit) [Ashdown Forest]; 10 June: Cochylis nana (Birch Conch), Smerinthus ocellata (Eyed Hawk-moth) [Forest Row]; 6 June: Cephalanthera damasonium (White Helleborine) [Leckhampton Hill]; 5 June: Ornithogalum umbellatum (Star-of-Bethlehem), Cirsium eriophorum (Woolly Thistle), Phylloscopus trochilus (Willow Warbler) [Glyme Valley]; 4 June: Dactylorhiza incarnata (Early Marsh-orchid) [Bourton-on-the-Water]; 4 June: Phylloscopus sibilatrix (Wood Warbler) [Ashdown Forest]; 2 June: Eupithecia pulchellata (Foxglove Pug), Chloroclysta siterata (Red-green Carpet), Ptilodon capucina (Coxcomb Prominent), Watsonalla cultraria (Barred Hook-tip), Cerura vinula (Puss Moth), Thera britannica (Spruce Carpet), Drymonia dodonaea (Marbled Brown), Epinotia bilunana (Crescent Bell), Caradrina clavipalpis (Pale Mottled Willow), Notocelia cynosbatella (Yellow-faced Bell) [Forest Row]
70 the late Alan Cawthrow 3075 11th June, 2017 Sibe Acc., Dusky Thrush, Russula nigricans, Collybia dryophila, Vitria crystallina, Macrosiphum euphorbiae. 58
71 Mark Lawlor 3030 8th September, 2023 3025 Sterna forsteri Forster's Tern 3026 Scrophularia nodosa Common Figwort 3027 Formica rufa 3028 Nemobius sylvestris Wood Cricket 3029 Tringa solitaria Solitary Sandpiper 3030 Choreutis nemorana Fig-leaf Skeletoniser
72 Matthew Harrow 3026 1st April, 2023 Spent some time going through a large bulk of my Diptera backlog from pinned specimens dating back to 2016 and most of the freezer specimens from 2022.
73 Paul Edward Hodges 2992 24th March, 2020 Brown Knapweed in flower in March on a visit to Culverwell on the Isle of Portland, Dorset. 50
74 Tim Strudwick 2966 12th November, 2014
75 Georgie Wightman-Smith 2949 23rd November, 2023 Six-belted Clearwing, Phylus coryli, Epinotia rubiginosana, Notocelia trimaculana, Tipula unca, Coleophora deauratella, Beautiful Snout, Schoenobius gigantella, Beris vallata, Idiocerus laminatus, Megaloceroea recticornis, Stathmopoda pedella, Roseate Tern, Lilac Beauty, Lyme Grass, Long-eared Owl, Temmincks Stint, Star Wort. 16
76 Christopher Glanfield 2940 12th November, 2021 54
77 Will George 2932 27th November, 2023 April 2021: Eristalis similis new to Bedfordshire the highlight, also lots of ladybirds including horseshoe and dot. 38
78 Debs Rylands 2914 2nd July, 2019 Bombus ruderatus ღ Coelioxys mandibularis
79 Sean Foote 2895 12th November, 2017
80 Seb Buckton 2867 10th November, 2023 May-June 2019 highlights: Burnt Orchid, Monkey Orchid, Narrow-leaved Helleborine, Meadow Clary, Balkan Spurge, Adders-tongue Spearwort, Narrow-leaved Water-Plantain; moths Adela reaumurella and Hemp Agrimony Plume, Aedes hartmanniana; butterflies Pearl-bordered and Marsh Fritillaries. Little Bustard at Slimbridge 23/6/19. Walnut Orb Spider Nuctenea umbratica. 57
81 Richard Shotbolt 2858 8th January, 2018 Bittern, Redpoll and Siskin at RSPB Needingworth
82 Danny Cooper 2724 12th July, 2023 Good start to the year with 122 lifers so far, hopefully get a few more over the next few months. Nice to start the year with Isabelline Wheatear for a new bird, Montagu’s Seasnail and Many Eyed Flatworm have to be some of my highlights. A trip to Mallorca has added to my European lists and I've added a few celestial objects too (Saturn and Neptune added to my Spanish list!), no new fossils this year... yet.
83 Roger Wilkinson 2718 22nd November, 2021 Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler, Collared Earthstar
84 Robert Price 2711 8th February, 2020 Siberian Stonechat, The Delicate, Otter, Limonium hyblaeum, Stephanitis takeyi, Land hopper, Nomada flavoguttata, Nomada ruficornis
85 Tristan Bantock 2665 20th June, 2023 2022-23 highlights Polydrusus inustus, Penestragania apicalis, Dendroxena quadrimaculata, Amara strenua, Paraphotistus nigricornis, Bagous argillaceus, Triplax lacordairii, Paradromius longiceps, Brachinus sclopeta
86 Matthew Jones 2652 23rd November, 2023 June - Sticky Catchfly from a brief trip to Scotland. Inland Club Rush and Wood Club Rush in Shropshire. Lots of new moths, trapping regularly for the first time so mostly common species but all incredibly exciting for me! Cut Leaved Self Heal and Large Blue from a gorgeous trip to Daneway Banks. From the North East: Thistle Broomrape, May Lily, Jacobs Ladder and Red Hemp Nettle, also saw my first Wasp Beetle! Late end of June has been very intense, LOTS of new plants and many associated Rusts, Smuts and Mildews! Highlights in terms of plants were Starfruit, Toadflax Leaved St Johns Wort, Welsh Mudwort, Red Helleborine, Wild Candytuft, Menai, Orange and Llangollen Whitebeams and Tall Bog Sedge! 29
87 Brian Hedley 2617 8th December, 2023 56
88 Dan Hoare 2604 8th April, 2017 Spring Cinquefoil; Bristol Rock-cress; Coleophora ochrea
89 John Lyden 2600 5th December, 2023 64
90 Sue R Lambert 2556 23rd November, 2022 Hoopoe 76
91 Graham French 2556 17th February, 2019 Formica exsecta (Narrow-headed wood ant), Colletes hederae (Ivy bee), Leptoglossus occidentalis (Western Conifer Seed Bug)
92 Martin Fowlie 2537 18th July, 2021 Harpalus griseus, Polistichus connexus
93 Paul Martin Hill 2534 23rd May, 2015 Micropterix calthella, Atherix ibis, Rhagio notatus and several new hoverflies
94 Aisling Dyson-Muffet 2460 18th September, 2018 Asterina gibbosa
95 Terry Box 2444 26th October, 2021 My highlight in this dreadful year 2020 was a new moth for Yorkshire, Metalampra italica caught in the parking spot next to the house, Langthorpe, VC65.
96 Chris Shortall 2431 4th September, 2017 2431:Nephantes titan; 2430:Erysiphe polygoni; 2429:Suillia variegata; 2428:Palloptera quinquemaculata; 2427:Hypsosinga pygmaea; 2426:Himacerus (Aptus) mirmicoides; 2425:Vulpia bromioides; 2424:Hordeum murinum; 2423:Lonchoptera nigrociliata; 2422:Cantharis lateralis; 2421:Anapausis talpae; 2420:Physiphora alceae
97 Marilyn Abdulla 2429 11th November, 2023 Rosa mollis, Soft Downy-rose. I try to go out with the Norfolk Flora Group most weeks and usually see something interesting. 69
98 Jon Holt 2335 17th October, 2023
99 George Watola 2327 13th May, 2023 Yellow Figwort, Doncaster
100 Wil Heeney 2230 26th October, 2023 36