Recorder Rankings

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Species GroupLeaderSpecies Count
AlgaeJonty Denton311
Slime mouldsStephen Plummer65
Protists other than Algae and Slime MouldsBrian Eversham48
LichensSimon Davey1228
Fungi other than Lichens, including fungoid organismsStephen Plummer1705
BryophytesPaul Bowyer613
Vascular PlantsAlastair Stevenson2450
SpongesRichard Comont35
Comb-jelliesChristopher Glanfield5
CnidariansRichard Comont71
MolluscsRichard Comont292
BryozoansRichard Comont47
Annelid wormsRichard Comont116
Platyhelminth wormsChristian Owen20
Sea spidersRichard Comont5
ArachnidsGraeme Lyons616
MyriapodsMark Telfer, Christian Owen93
CrustaceansRichard Comont171
Springtails, proturans and 2-tailed bristletailsJames McCulloch88
Insects: 3-tailed BristletailsMark Telfer9
Insects: OdonataMark Telfer, David Gibbs, David Walsh, Dave Horton48
Insects: orthopteroidsGraeme Lyons46
Insects: hemipteroidsJonty Denton930
Insects: HymenopteraJulian Small1016
Insects: ColeopteraMark Telfer2955
Insects: DipteraDavid Gibbs3184
Insects: Lepidoptera: butterfliesNigel R Jones66
Insects: Lepidoptera: mothsTony Davis1716
Insects: remaining small ordersJonty Denton205
EchinodermsRichard Comont28
TunicatesRichard Comont34
FishRichard Comont106
ReptilesRichard Comont10
AmphibiansJonty Denton, James Harding-Morris13
BirdsJohn Marchant537
MammalsMark Telfer67
other Animals (Placozoa, Myxozoa, rotifers, other worms, Hemichordata, etc.)Jonty Denton36