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51 SP5595(ish), Whetstone, Leicestershire [M.P. Skevington]

This is the 1km square that I used for the 2013 1000 in 1km square challenge. It is half of SP5595 and half of SP5695, which conveniently includes my garden but excludes the part of SP5595 that is west of the M1 that fully bisects the square. I've lived here since 1994, and only recorded birds until 1999 when I started getting interesting in moths. I've run a garden moth trap regularly since 2000, but anything else has been casual additions until the 2013 challenge when I looked at bit harder.

52 Crossways: John Lyden's Shropshire garden and hay meadow

Moved to the house and garden in 2014. Garden is about 1.5 acres, with pond, orchard, 'wood', borders, etc, with a 4.5 acre traditional hay meadow accessed by the remains of a green lane. All managed organically. The site is situated between Rhos Fiddle NR (Shropshire Wildlife Trust) and Riddings Wood (PAWS). Elevation ranges from 410m to 450m. Land use in the area is principally grazing (mostly sheep) and there are a couple of neighbouring houses.

53 Paul Bowyer's Garden Weston-super-Mare

90ft urban garden in Weston-s-Mare. Recording since 2018 which includes Moth trap list since 2006.

54 Stephen Howarth's garden in South Lincolnshire

Small garden in a little village surrounded by farmland, on the edge of the fens, so attracting some wetland species. Regular moth trapping and other casual records. We moved in here in February 2018.

55 JN Garden, Orton Waterville

A suburban garden, home to regular moth recording over the last 4 years (current moth list heading towards 800) plus miscellaneous other taxa. Approx 1/3 acre in size, with a pond, native planting, woodland border, annuals and some rough grass.

56 Crossways: John Lyden's garden and meadow

Moved into the garden (and house) in summer 2014. About 1.5 acre garden, with "wood", orchard, pond etc and 4.5 acre traditional upland hay meadow, all managed organically. Located in the Clun Forest area of the Shropshire Hills, on the Welsh border. Sandwiched between Rhos Fiddle nature reserve and Riddings Wood PAWS, with a couple of houses and upland grazing. The meadow is a Local Wildlife Site.

57 Whitlingham C.P. (Norfolk)

Landscaped flooded gravel workings with small areas of parkland, agriculture and deciduous woodland. A local nature reserve run by the Whitlingham Charitable Trust & Broads Authority. The lakes are not actually broads, and nobody other than the Broads Authority call it 'Britain's Magical Waterland'. Whitlingham is known locally for its winter wildfowl, but also has a number of county first fungi records.

58 Bekynton House

Richard Comont's garden in Sutton Courtenay, South Oxfordshire - just under 1/4 of an acre, including the house, scene of regular moth trapping and ad hoc other recording between 2011 and the end of 2014

59 Walters Ash, Buckinghamshire

Neil Fletcher's garden.  Regular moth-trapping and ad hoc recording over 15 years in semi-rural garden adjacent to Naphill Common.

60 Far Ings NNR

Far Ings is a National Nature Reserve in Barton-upon-Humber, North Lincolnshire. It is a 64 ha (160 acre) site on the Humber foreshore and comprises inter-tidal reedbed and freshwater reedbed in flooded former clay pits. Records from Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust staff and volunteers.  Visit information:https://www.lincstrust.org.uk/get-involved/top-reserves/far-ings   



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