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Rank Title Description Species total
21 TM2499 (Shotesham, Norfolk)

1 km square, heavily covered in 2013 but other records from 2006 onwards now totted up also. 

Grand total last updated 1st Jan 2023


22 Bushy Park 2700
23 Sheringham Park (NT)

A National Trust estate in North Norfolk, with a mix of habitats, including parkland (wood pasture), deciduous, coniferous and mixed woodlands (woods c. 155ha), and some mature and veteran trees. There is some acid and neutral grasslands, including clifftop, and most of the estate outside the woods and park is in arable management. Several ponds and a small stream. Good natural history recording although some of the datasets are now a little dated.  

24 Alderley Edge (NT)

Over 120 ha of sandstone ridge, woodland, acid and neutral grassland, ponds, and important archaeology. Information from 'The Story of Alderley Edge', Lancs & Cheshire Ent Soc, Manchester Univ & Museum.

25 Jennifer Owen's Leicester garden

The subject of a famous inventory study over 30 years (1972 - 2001) involving many expert naturalists and published by Owen, J. (2010). Wildlife of a garden. A thirty-year study. Peterborough: Royal Horticultural Society. Despite all that effort, Owen recognised that her garden list was still far from complete and estimated, quite reasonably, that the insect list alone could exceed 10,000 given enough recording over enough time. The garden itself is "nothing special".

26 Blickling Estate (NT)

A very large 1808 ha National Trust owned estate in North Norfolk. Main habitats are grazed parkland with mature and veteran trees, Lake, ponds, mixed deciduous woodland, river valley meadows with wet ditches, the River Bure and arable farmland (which comprises over 50% of the estate).  There is also a small area of heathland and acid grasslands. Whilst the species list is quite good and there have been some biodiversity surveys (eg the beetle list is a decent 492), there will certainly be many more species to discover (e.g. fungi, Hymenoptera).

27 The Nunnery (BTO HQ, Thetford)

The grounds of the BTO's headquarters in Thetford, including alder carr, birch woodland, the river Little Ouse, a series of fishing lakes, some flood meadows and small areas of Breck grassland. Most records from BTO staff, with occasional contributions from visitors. Lots still to discover clearly, current species total very much a work in progress.

28 Fineshade Wood, Northants

Fineshade Wood in the north of Northamptonshire is the largest surviving remnant of Rockingham Forest. Most of the wood is managed by Forestry England.  It includes ancient mixed broadleaf and areas of former conifer that are being allowed to regenerate. There are over 20 ponds, a stream, glades, swallow holes and a disused railway line. Please visit Friends of Fineshade website for more details - www.fineshade.org.uk.

29 Dalgety Bay, Fife

A town on the north coast of the river Forth with mostly housing, some farming, and a thin belt of coastal path with various small woodlands

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30 St Nicholas Fields LNR

A small 10-acre site in the heart of York, designated a Local Nature Reserve in 2004. In the Middle Ages, this land was open fields, grazed by the cattle belonging to the monks from St. Nicholas Hospital. Since then it has been a brick works, the city rubbish dump and an unofficial wild site.



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