SP5595(ish), Whetstone, Leicestershire [M.P. Skevington]

This is the 1km square that I used for the 2013 1000 in 1km square challenge. It is half of SP5595 and half of SP5695, which conveniently includes my garden but excludes the part of SP5595 that is west of the M1 that fully bisects the square. I've lived here since 1994, and only recorded birds until 1999 when I started getting interesting in moths. I've run a garden moth trap regularly since 2000, but anything else has been casual additions until the 2013 challenge when I looked at bit harder. The square is by no means habitat rich - the back-end of a suburban estate running into sterile farmland with a little bit of rough meadow and a brook. The list is not fully complete, but I will add in new species as I go and retrospectively update with historical records as and when I add them into MapMate. I'll sort out the breakdown at the next update.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015 - 21:05
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Folsomia candida 13/03/2015. Oak Beauty 27/02/2015



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