Tall Broomrape

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Tall Broomrape

Spotted this on the way back from Kent yesterday near Tilshead on the Salisbury Plain. Lots of Knapweed about so looking good for Tall Broomrape. I would, however, like confirmation.

Tall Broomrape

I find them really tricky

I find them really tricky from photos. Have you got the key that was in British Wildlife a few years ago?

Stigmas look right for O.

Stigmas look right for O. elatior (lobes yellow and touching) according to Rose, the only other broomrape with touching yellow lobes is O. hederae which is much smaller (10-40 cm). O. rapum-genistae also had yellow stigmas but they are well-separated and the upper corolla lip is untoothed - I think I can see teeth in the picture?