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As some of you know, I'm just back from a month in New Zealand. I spent a fair whack (although nowhere near as much as I'd have liked) of my time birding, saw masses and intend to go back someday to try for the stuff I missed this time round and a second helping of the rest.

My question is - can I blog about it here seeing as none of it would relate to British PSLing?

It's your call, chaps and chapesses...thoughts please.

I'd be interested to know too

I'd be interested to know too - I've already posted a potentially-illegal Giraffe-necked Weevil shot.

I think the odd post and/or

I think the odd post and/or photo is alright. My only concern might be that it would give other people new to the site the wrong idea so as long as there are plenty of qualifiers in the text then that would probably be OK. What do other people think?

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So what do other people think

So what do other people think? There's many more of us here than just Jon, Graeme and myself!


Odd post or photo fine for me, but rambling day-by-day tour report with details of what you ate and how your bowel movements held up is probably best reserved for yor own blog (dead easy to set-up on blogger). In fact, I'd advocate keeping your own blog which gives you much more scope and freedom and just use this website blog for PSL specific stuff.