Highland Beetle

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Highland Beetle

Swept this small and distinctive looking beetle from vegetation in woodland alongside a river near to Glen More / Loch Morlich on 30/05/2014 (cNH97550930). Approx 4mm long, and I thought it might be one of the Scraptiidae as it reminds me of Anaspis spp. but struggling to find a match. I'm sure it's not from a group that I have keys for. Does anyone recognise it, or able to point me the right way?

Is it Abdera flexuosa? Was it

Is it Abdera flexuosa? Was it near Alders?

Abdera flexuosa

Thanks Graeme - that certainly looks right and there are a couple of NBN dots not too far away from the site. It was a small area of mixed woodland, though still predominantly coniferous as you'd expect up there, but birch, rowan, alder and oak present.