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Trying to create a blog entry and I want to insert a paragraph break.  Can't work out how to do it, I just get a single block of text.  Anyone know how?

Choose "Full HTML"

Clive, I can choose from four "Text formats" and if I change from the defailt of "Public HTML" to "Full HTML", paragraph breaks and other formatting are preserved. What I don't know is whether this is a choice available to all users or just to those of us with admin status. Can you test it and let me know?

Another thing I don't know is why we don't just have Full HTML as the default?

OK I've worked it out.

OK I've worked it out.

I think.

If I select text format "public html" then it tries to insert its own HTML tags - they are displayed if I convert it to plain text.
If I select "plain text" and put the paragraph breaks in place in this format, then it preserves my layout.

These are the only two options I have.


Can't even see on the blog entry where I can select public or plain html, let alone full. There is a text format box on my screen now for the forum - again public is default and plain is option.


This is the blog entry page I see.

Just realised that this

Just realised that this option is available on the forum posting (i.e. here) but not on the blog entry page.  Looks like a bug needs working out.

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Have to say, I think Mark hit

Have to say, I think Mark hit the nail on the head - why we don't just have Full HTML as the default? I'm completely OCD when it comes to structuring a blog post. The current set-up it is doing my head in.

I'll let John know!

I'll let John know!