PSL update from the Isle of Skye

 More madness and mayhem from up at Uig. I'm embroiled in my second attempt at 1000 species in a 1km square except this time I'm on The Hebrides rather than in a nice, soft, species-rich southern woodland. Ooh 'eck, what have I done? Recent highlights include Otters, a Golden Eagle and a coupla rather smart fish. Yup, I intend to add lots more of those to my list. Watch out Dr Evil Comont and TinyLyons, I'm coming after your guys' fish lists this year! :) 

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So intent have I been on recording specific groups or adding new species to my reserve list that I'd almost forgotten how relaxing and satisfying it is just wandering around recording everything.

Prompted by comments on the 1kmsq challenge  I venture out at lunchtime for a 40 minute stroll around my local neighbourhood. Sycamore, Ash, Spruce, Ivy, Herb Robert, a few woodland birds then up around the point to the shore. The tide's high, so only the strandline of mostly Ascophyllum nodosum and Fucus vesiculosus - Spirorbis spirorbis and Electra pilosa, unknown to me until the last ...

PSL targets for 2017

I've had a trawl through the endlessly absorbing rankings by group to see where I need to put in a bit more effort this year. 

The full post is a bit long, so rather than reformat it here, I'll stick in a link.

Sorry for the lazy approach: work to do and species to find!

I would be interested to hear about anybody elses self-assessments and what your targets are for the year ahead. I'm sure there are lots of ways we can help each other! 


Where to begin?

Hello! It about time I posted something here. I started listing just over a year ago, after a mate of mine, Pete Mella got me into it.

So far, Ive made some progress, and have added around 120 new species over the course of 2016, but its been slower than I would have liked. I havnt been out as much as I should have, and some habitat types have been under-represented this year.

Part of the problem might have been not setting myself any particular goals. So ive decided that this year, my pan species listing goal will be to get to 1200 total species, (currently...


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