So intent have I been on recording specific groups or adding new species to my reserve list that I'd almost forgotten how relaxing and satisfying it is just wandering around recording everything.

Prompted by comments on the 1kmsq challenge  I venture out at lunchtime for a 40 minute stroll around my local neighbourhood. Sycamore, Ash, Spruce, Ivy, Herb Robert, a few woodland birds then up around the point to the shore. The tide's high, so only the strandline of mostly Ascophyllum nodosum and Fucus vesiculosus - Spirorbis spirorbis and Electra pilosa, unknown to me until the last  month, were easy finds. And that foreign barnacle. What's that called again? Some Aussie thing ... I'll find it. Will I turn a rock and record the centipedes? Nah - they'll stll be there next time. Plus I really ought to properly ID the sandhoppers and the slaters. I'll get them at the same time.

Looking along the strandline a small flock of Turnstones were chased by a dog and, not seeing me, settled to feed pretty close with a Grey Wag and a Rock Pipit, Dunnock and Robin hopped in and out of the woodland edge. I feel like Fagin, taking out treasures and turning them over in my hand.

The light snow begins to thicken up. Lunchtime is over.






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