March 2015

A few moth surprises

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Picture of Nemophora degeerella

I've barely looked at moths, though have taken a few pictures of them when I've been out walking the dog, and have managed to get IDs for most of them, whether in the woods, on the heath, or the few that have come into the house. I didn't really think anything of these records (and hadn't particularly looked up details of any of the species) until I sent them off to the county recorder, and then discovered that...

Water Dock with Additives.

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Michael O'Hara and I spent a wonderful day out in the Norfolk Broads yesterday in the company of Tony Davis from Butterfly Conservation and various bods from wildlife organisations in Norfolk. For me it was like returning home as I once lived in Acle and the place we met up at was our go to site for Grasshopper Warbler and Little Owl back in the day. We were all there to scrutinise the dead stems of Water Dock and we were looking for the larval cases of a rare micro moth, Coleophora hydrolapathella (Water Dock Case-bearer). Tony had visited this site on previous occasions, including once...