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South East Bryophytes

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Even though I'm still a bit of a bryo-novice, I've started writing the field meeting reports for the regional group of the British Bryological Society. It certainly helps to consolidate what I've learnt on the day out, and forces me to pay attention. In addition to appearing on the BBS site, I've also been adding them to my own blog:

Our local km square

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Last year, a small group of us set up a rather informal natural history group in our East Sussex village. We've organised several walks, one talk, and a few other things, as well as simply encouraging people in the village to get out and about and see what they can find. We've now got 138 people on the Facebook group, about 30 on the email list, and typically get a dozen people along for our short walks. There has been a pleasing amount of enthusiasm for this, so we though it...

A few moth surprises

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Picture of Nemophora degeerella

I've barely looked at moths, though have taken a few pictures of them when I've been out walking the dog, and have managed to get IDs for most of them, whether in the woods, on the heath, or the few that have come into the house. I didn't really think anything of these records (and hadn't particularly looked up details of any of the species) until I sent them off to the county recorder, and then discovered that...


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