Our local km square

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Last year, a small group of us set up a rather informal natural history group in our East Sussex village. We've organised several walks, one talk, and a few other things, as well as simply encouraging people in the village to get out and about and see what they can find. We've now got 138 people on the Facebook group, about 30 on the email list, and typically get a dozen people along for our short walks. There has been a pleasing amount of enthusiasm for this, so we though it would be worth trying to record a local kilometre square as well. The square itself is the one just north of the village, and includes an organic farm and lots of nice varied habitats (see the location ranking page).

We kicked off the project with a New Year walk, and since then have been encouraging people to submit records as much as possible. In practice, to date that has really only been down to a very small number of us, but we're hoping that that will improve now with the arrival of spring. At the end of the year it would make sense to also combine other records from the square from the local record centre, and then just carry on as a long-term local project.

For now, though, you can read about where we've got to in three months: Wildlife at Tablehurst and Emerson: Winter and early spring.