July 2015

Orange Ladybird!!!

Was seconds away from seeing a Orange Ladybird in my back garden. Really gutted, as never seen one before!! My dad was looking for ladybirds at about 20:30 last night, and by the time he said, "What type is this," I was halfway down the garden, when he said it flew off. From his description, it was definetly an orange!!

Really gutted, but I will keep looking!!

wildlifewatcher02 over and out!

I have a PSL total at last!

MeganS's picture

7 months after deciding upon my 2015 Wildlife Resolutions, one of which would be to calculate my PSL total and set myself a target for 2015, I have finally done so! It's taken a while to sort through ... and to be honest, I have left off lichens/mosses/fungi because I can't remember which ones I've seen, so I am starting over on those.  As of this evening (26/07/15), my total is 661.