Damaged Balls

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Had a good relaxed couple of hours out late morning. Free from the shackles of last year's 1000 in 1kmsq, I spent most of the time in my 1kmsq ...


Nothing new for the list (at least I don't think so, but I have a couple of bits potted up to check). A few spring day-flying moths about (Adela reaumurella, Incurvaria masculella, Pammene rhediella, Elachista apicipunctella, Anthophila fabriciana) but otherwise a bit quiet apart from lots of diptera and sawflies of the varieties that I tend to ignore at the moment. Not much beetle action either, but Ischnomera cyanea nice for the square and also a tad early, along with a slightly early Cardinal Beetle. Also a few damaged cramp balls like this one



There is only one record of

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There is only one record of this beetle in Sussex, that's in East Sussex. Despite searcching EVERY time I see the fungi, I just think they aren't down here. I wonder why? Scotty said it looks like the Kurgen from Highlander.


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'Better to burn out than to fade away' Weevil