Dorset Odonata

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Dorset Odonata

I'm planning a trip to Dorset this weekend and am hoping some lovely people on here will be able to offer me guidance on sites for the following species - 

White Legged Damselfly, Scare Blue Tailed Damselfly, Southern Damselfly, Scarce Chaser, Downy Emerald

I'm aware that we will be hitting it a bit early for some, if not all, of those species but I'm ever hopeful. Any information would be hugely appreciated and I would be willing to compensate with chocolate or sweets of your choosing (up to a market value of £1.50). 


Any info on sites for brilliant emerald or any other interesting dorset species would also also earn a sugary reward and my eternal gratitude. 

Also, any tips for finding

Also, any tips for finding the native cockroaches?

Dorset Dragons & Damsels

Maybe this will help with sites for the odonata:

Unfortunately that website

Unfortunately that website doesn't hold much information in terms of sites. The NBN maps give more of a general area. 

This site ended up being a lot more useful.