How best to comment on latest species reports

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How best to comment on latest species reports

Since the web site started, I've seen a couple of things that people have listed as their 'latest sighting' that I think need querying. One was Great Bustard which presumably is one of the released birds, not part of a self-sustaining population and therefore uncountable (I've waited until now to comment so no-one can see who I'm talking about!) and the other was a highly localised moth that doesn't occur near where the observer lives so at the very least, is worthy of querying as to where it was found.

Maybe I'm being too sensitive but I wouldn't want to be seen to be criticising individuals so how best to query such things? If you know someone you can obviously contact them direct to tell them that their Large Copper claim is dodgy (!!) but does anyone have any thoughts on a more general procedure for commenting whilst causing minimum embarrassment?

Tony, I've noticed the

Tony, I've noticed the problem too. I think the solution is to enable comments on any individual's page (e.g. my page here When I started the PSL rankings on my website, I didn't allow comments on individual's pages but soon realised that it was essential. We should assume that any pan-species lister would be pleased to hear, for example, from an expert moth-er that they may have found a highly localised moth (or made a mistake!). I know these things can be embarrassing, especially when it turns out to be a silly mistake, but we all make them.

Graeme, can you add this to the list for future website updates?

That sounds like a great idea

That sounds like a great idea.