An odd Ampedus

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An odd Ampedus

On the 23/04/2014 I sieved the left hand Ampedus from Sphagnum at Burton Pond. I initially thought it was going to be a poorly marked Ampedus balteatus (right) that was maybe a bit damp but when I caught dozens of Ampedus balteatus throughout the day I realised I was totally wrong. Comparison of the hairs and the shinyness of the thorax for example. The left hand species has yellowish hairs with a slight metallic green reflection to the thorax. The elytra is a dull brick red too. In Joy it keys out to Ampedus pomorum but I'm not sure. I remeber AGES ago Bill Urwin had something similiar but it's near impossible searching back through Facebook to find the posts. The woodland surrounding this tiny bog is birch on one side and alder carr on the other. Any help much appreciated.

Not Ampedus?

Graeme, I think all the red Ampedus are brighter and shinier than that, so my first thought is that it's not an Ampedus. Though you can get those imperfectly-eclosed specimens that are all wrinkled and dull - though yours doesn't look like a deformed specimen.
So what is it? There seems to be nothing in my click collection that matches - so you've gripped me off. And my out-and-out bogey click is Sericus brunneus. Google images found this:
Looks like a match. Why have I never seen this species?

Thanks Mark, you're a star. I

Thanks Mark, you're a star. I'll go through the key again with a more open mind!

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Nice posts, I appreciate the

Nice posts, I appreciate the way you both explain your thoughts - it's very helpful to the rest of us!