Algae, Protists, Chromista...what are they?

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Algae, Protists, Chromista...what are they?

Hi all

I've been keeping a PSL up til now based on taxonomic hierarchy as recognised by Natural History Museum Species Inventory. Seems as good a place as any to go for the definitive view! Anyway, using that conflicts with the approach here on the site. I'm really not hugely fussed, and happy to cater to both, but thought it would be interesting to understand the links.

Up til now, I've got 

Kingdom Chromista,

   Phylum Oomycota ... species Albugo candida (white crud "gall" on Shepherd's Purse)

   Phylum Ochrophyta... 11 species of "brown seaweeds" - kelps, wracks, etc.

Kingdom Plantae,

   Phylum Chlorophyta... 2 species of "green seaweeds"

   Phylum Rhodophyta...3 species of "red seaweeds"

For the PSL site, I've bunged this lot into Algae. Is that what's expected? Suspect maybe the Albugo candida might go elsewhere?




Just an observation re the

Just an observation re the new site. The above text seems to have lost all its line returns that I'd added when I composed it. Hence it's now just a single mass of text. Something not quite right with the settings for this bit of the site? HTH.



Hi Andy, I'll speak to John

Hi Andy, I'll speak to John about the formating issue, thanks for pointing that. The taxonomic breakdown was Mark Telfer's baby so hopefully he will be able to help with your questions. I know it wasn't a simple exercise though and is a compromise between something taxonomically accurate and something that doesn't put off beginners completely! We took a long time working on this breakdown as the most taxonomically accurate lists just didn't work here and we did triall it past the group on Facebook but I don't think that many people saw it for some reason. The building block os the website are now based upong this taxonomy and won't be changing in a hurry. I feel like it's a great compromise. You can always keep your more detailed list as I do on my blog.

Yes, "Algae" is a polyphyletic group

Hi Andy, your original approach following the NHM species inventory is more phylogenetically accurate, and "Algae" on the PSL breakdown is an assortment of distantly related organisms: basically all the photosynthetic eukaryotes other than vascular plants. As Graeme's already said, we were aiming for a good trade-off between usability and taxonomic accuracy. Bear in mind that this breakdown is purely to enable comparisons between different lists on the website and there's nothing to stop you keeping a more detailed and taxonomicaly accurate pan-species list.

Cheers chaps. So, seaweeds in

Cheers chaps. So, seaweeds in algae is right? What about Albugo candida? What's that then?

Cheers, Andy

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Hiya Andy, I thought I'd be

Hiya Andy, I thought I'd be helpful and reply. Then I googled it and now my brain hurts! Take it off your list and sleep well is my advice, lol.


Hi Andy,


Personally I would put A. candida under the 'protists other than slime moulds' category.




Ta, will do.

Ta, will do.