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Uploading Photos

When uploading photos does the group expect, or want, only 'rare' and unusual species or is the intent to provide assistance for beginning Pan Listers by providing as wide a range of species as possible to aid identification and provide encuragement ???



I think if we started putting

I think if we started putting collections of photos on here of ALL species we would rapidly fill up the space available. I wouldn't want to put restrictions on it at this stage though, rather let it develope and keep an eye on it but for me I will only put up photos of things people are not likely to see every day or are new to me. I suppose the photos section is an opportunity for people to brag about what they have seen and for others to learn from this. Those who want to put a few words to this too can also use the blog function.

Species categories on photos

I've just uploaded a few photos of moths from Kent but didn't realise you should allocate them to a species category. Can I edit the photos or would they need deleting and re-posting?

OK Graeme - thanks for the

OK Graeme - thanks for the clarification - I did wonder if 'space' might be at a premium.