New here. Is this still active?

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New here. Is this still active?


I am new to this website and have just registered. I have a few questions. 

Initially, I would like to know if this community is still active? I have just noticed that there have been no new forum posts for a few years!

secondly, I assume from looking through the site, that members don’t actually list their species on the website, but keep their own records and just register an ongoing tally of total species seen. Is this correct?


Barely and yes!

Welcome :)  You're quite right, this Forum page is pretty much dead on its feet. Just not responsive enough for most folks I guess, blame Facebook for spoiling us all. Ironically, there is a PSL Facebook group that IS active and that's probably the best place to ask questions etc, though the post will soon be lost whereas here all posts stay forever. I assume.

Your second question - as you've already surmised, members don't list or store their Pan-species List on this site. Once you've compiled your own PSL, you'd need to break everything down into the Categories provided and then tally up for each. And it's those totals that you register here, the result being your PSL broken down into categories for easy comparison with everyone else's PSL broken down into the same categories. The categories aren't there to provide competitiveness and rivalry between listers, it just means we're all singing from the same sheet, so to speak. 

Hope that helps, happy PSLing!