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Website development

This discussion is a continuation of this thread Just to clarify a few things though about what we can and can't have on this website. Firstly, all ideas have to be filtered by the administrators as some things are beyond what this site is capable of or are out of the remit. Once these have been filtered by the administrators, I remain the main point of contact with John van Breda/BRC and send out requests for tweaks and new features. Sadly, John's time for the development of the website is limited becuase he has to give priority to iRecord. So, we don't always get the changes that we want as quickly as we would like them. So a few things I have asked for that we have not got yet becuase we haven't had the time include: 

  • Notifications for updates on forums, comments etc.
  • Editing priveleges for your own posts across all areas of the website.
  • A streamlined blogging process.
  • Notifications on 'rankings news' when a new lister becomes the top of a taxonomic group. 
  • Taxonomic breakdowns for sites on location rankings.

I believe that the more the site is used, the easier it is for BRC to justify putting time into it. I appreciate this is a chicken and egg situation but the worst thing that could happen is if people stop using it. The article in British Wildlife is going to be going out any day now, so there is a potential 9000 or so new listers on the horizon! It would be great to get the momentum going again.

As for your administrators, they are myself, Mark Telfer, Bill Urwin and (now) Seth Gibson. Any radical changes to the website are discussed between the administrators before announcing it here and this website should remain the focal point for discussion about this website, not the facebook page. There are quite a few people using this site who are not and never will be on facebook.

Happy listing and I hope you enjoy the forthcoming article!


Website development


Would it be possible to build in a PM system (like the one on Birdforum)? Where you can send a message to an individual that only they (and you) can see. It would enable people going to meet up for a day out to send confidential information (phone number, address etc) that one would not want the rest of the world seeing. Currently there is no way of doing that without putting it on a forum that the rest of the world can read.

Regards, William.

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