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I swept two smallll Agrilus yesterday but I am confused with all the new species that have been added to the UK list recently. This was 5 mm long and just over a mm wide. I would say bronze in colouration, swept from heathy woodland rides in mixed woodland in East Sussex (Flatropers Wood). Any pointers would be most helpful!

I'm probably going to confuse things?

Sorry not going to be much help...Perhaps you could wittle it down usingĀ  http://www.thewcg.org.uk/buprestidae/0621.htm

Looks like A. cuprescens and A. cyanescens has been added since this was done?


And the out of print hand book, which your probably fully aware of....http://www.royensoc.co.uk/content/out-print-handbooks

Regards Chris...

Thanks Chris, th e German

Thanks Chris, th e German site looks like it might work!

Try this ...

There's this page with help on buprestid identification:


I'm still struggling with laticornis and angustulus.

Thanks guys. I gen det it to

Thanks guys. I gen det it to angustulus in the end. Took a while! Mark Gurney sent me a good key in English from this book which I think I will now get: