Mayfly larva

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Mayfly larva

Hi all. 

I was over in Yorkshire last week for family visits and my brother-in-law took me to a stream below the N Y Moors where he had seen White-clawed Crayfish before. We found a few, as well as Bullhead fish and lots of these creatures. I have had a search on the internet and it seems to be a Mayfly larva, very similar to pictures of the genus Ecdyonurus. Does anyone have any info that can identify it to species? I have no books on this group.



Gibster (not verified)
Hiya Mark - there's this from

Hiya Mark - there's this from Richard Comont's listings on the Resources Page

That agrees with your initial identification that it is of the genus Ecdyonurus, but unfortunately doesn't take it any further than that.

Just thought it would be useful to flag up the fact that the Resources Page exists and is well worth checking if you're stuck. Hopefully somebody a bit more helpful will come along soon!

Cheers mate, good to see you on here :)



A Pictorial Guide to British Emphemeroptera...

suggestes that these need to go under the scope to sure of species and to consult  a specialist key. There are some less confident features that can be used, dark bands on foot and pattern on the underside body segments.

Regards Chris...



Thanks guys for the efforts - I shall leave this one on file as Ecdyonurus sp. Cheers.