Caloplaca britannica

Caloplaca britannica. Well here goes!  This photograph shows Caloplaca britannica as it is accepted by British lichenologists, and was found during a BLS field visit close to the coast at North Berwick in Scotland. One of the greatest British lichenologists, Brian Coppins showed it to us. It has a uniform thallus of rather large granular spheres and is always coastal. The Dutch call a species typical of churchyards with smaller spheres which are probably blastidia, and sometimes with marginal lobes C. britannica, and this is reckoned to be Caloplaca arcis. If people really don't like this, and the next upload, I will remove them. However, I accept totally that the photograph shown of this species is Caloplaca britannica. It is not uncommon, usually on less basic rock close to the sea.

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