Chrysomelidae? (doubtful)

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Chrysomelidae? (doubtful)

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  • Hi all,


  • Any ideas on this one? 4.5 mm long, pooted from willowherb Harpenden Common Ponds, Herts 09/07/2013. Four tarsi, 3rd segment bilobed on all legs. Elytra and ventral surface of abdomen clothed in adpressed hairs. 


  • Keys out as Chrysomelidae using Unwin's AIDGAP key but I'm not convinced.


  • Sorry about the photo quality - taken with mobile then sent through twitter to get it on my work pc.

Hi mate, not able to see an image/photo?

Regards Chris...

That's odd. It was there when
That's odd. It was there when I posted it. Now just see a question mark in a box... Will try again when the kids are in bed.
Try here: http:/

Seems to be ok mate...Perhaps Galerucella?

Regards Chris.

That's it - evidently

That's it - evidently suffering from Friday afternoon key-blindness as it runs through fine this morning - Galerucella calmariensis. There was purple loosestrife around so I'm guessing it was having a wander...