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Millipede query

Hi all. Found a smallish millipede - ca 20mm long - at Overstrand cliffs (E Norfolk) last week. It keys to Allajulus nitidus, but I'm not happy with the description of the colour. But back-tracking through the key to look for other options doesn't give me much wriggle room.


At the back end, there is a straight dorsal point, translucent but visible in the scope OK. But there also appears to be a tiny ventral point too. Also translucent, slightly upcurved. If I take this ventral point at face value, this would take me through the key to Enantiulus armatus. But that's only known from Devon and Cornwall it would appear.

I've so far only managed to find one photo of the double-point at the end of Enantiulus armatus at This makes the ventral point look much more prominent than the thing I'm seeing. Any other pics of this anywhere?

So, I'm stuck. Any ideas? Perhaps a juv of something else? I've got some photos but no time to post just now - will try later. Probably fairly rubbish anyway.



Not sure...

Have a looksey at Ophyiulus pilosus/Julus scandinavius...if so, then would need an adult male to go further.

Regards Chris...

Thanks Chris. I ruled out

Thanks Chris. I ruled out these because the dorsal tail point doesn't have a down-turned hook at the tip. But perhaps that's missing if the animal isn't mature?? I guess you're probably right.

Cheers, Andy

Stick to adults

Andy, you're right that the keys work much better if you stick to adults. The difference between upturned, straight and downturned tails can be difficult to appreciate on immatures. Also, I would say that most of the iulids have a small ventral projection but that it is much bigger and more obvious in Enantiulus armatus. I've never seen Allajulus nitidus nor Enantiulus armatus. I've recorded Ommatoiulus sabulosus, Tachypodoiulus niger and Julus scandinavius at Overstrand.

Thanks for this Mark, I'll

Thanks for this Mark, I'll keep looking! Still not clinched Julus yet.

Gibster (not verified)
Also worth pointing out that

Also worth pointing out that the 'tail' may be damaged (either naturally or during the capture/transportation home process) hence giving the wrong shape which could cause untold confusion in the keys.