Cornwall Week-long Bioblitz!

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Cornwall Week-long Bioblitz!

Hi All, next week Sami and I are heading down to Cornwall to stay with fellow PSLer Danny Widerscope. We're heading down on Monday 14th April. Dan's taken the entire week off and is planning a mega Bioblitz of his patches. He's based in St Blazey. Rockpooling, bats, Sand Crocus and Alpine Newts are all high on the agenda.

No itinerary as such, we'll play it by ear depending on weather/getting his kiddo to nursery/the hours his missus is working/fitting in a huge BBQ and the numerous obligatory p*ssups. But it'll be great anyway! Sally Luker has offered to show us some of her Psocid/Psyllid/Scale specialities around the Penzance district including at least one new to Britain.

Anybody fancy a bit of the action please do feel free to FB either Danny or myself - be good to show each other a few bits and bobs!


Just noticed a snag. I'm on this site as Gibster and on FB as Seth Gibson. Oh well, FB me anyway!

I can see 'The Gibster'

I can see 'The Gibster' filling his pan-species boots with plenty of tick action...