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I was out looking for slugs in the garden the other night, thanks to the welcome arrival of the excellent new FSC guide, but was intrigued to find this flatworm as well:


Judging by Hugh Jones's article in British Wildlife it could be Microplana terrestris (which is the commonest species), but would be good to get it confirmed - would be a new Phylum tick for me!


Its either, as you say Micoplana terrestris or Rhynchodemus sylvaticus. Give Hugh a mail, he is usually really helpful from photos.

Regads Chris...


Been trying to post some

Been trying to post some photos of the M. terrestirs i find...total mystery how to do it.

Hugh has some videos online if you like...https://www.youtube.com/user/flatwormzoo

Regards Chris.



Thanks Chris, I have emailed Hugh, will report back!

Microplana terrestris

The above flatworm has now been confirmed as Microplana terrestris by Hugh Jones. Have added some links to Hugh's flatworm ID guides in the Resources section.


M. terrestris is certainly the one i find the most, then M. scharffi. So far i've found both in my garden, even a possible brown form M. terrestris rather than M. kwiskea (according to Hugh). Good places to search are logs, stones etc thats got good contact with the soil. Try putting some small boards down in the veg plot, flower boarders etc.

Regards Chris...



Really good to have those links on the Resources page Martin, thanks!