Curious Staphylinid

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Curious Staphylinid

Yesterday I found a most curious Staph which I can't place.  It's too small to photograph (in fact I thought it was a mite, it got pooted by accident!) so I'm going to have to describe it.


It's about 1.4 mm long and looks rather Tachyporine-like.  I'm assuming it's a tachyporine although I could be totally wrong.  Head, pronotum and proximal abdominal segments are very dark brown and shiny. Terminal abdominal segments are a little paler brown.  It's sparsely covered with short fine setae, although there are no longer setae as you would find in Tachinus or Tachyporus.   All appendages are dark brown, antennae a little paler.


The curious thing about this beetle is that it's notably hunchbacked.  It was running round like a tiny armadillo with virtually no protruding abdominal segments.  If you imagine how an Agathidium rolls itself into a ball when you disturb it, then add a very short tapered Tachyporine tail, then it looks something like that.  The protruding abdominal segments were shorter than the pronotum and elytra combined.

The only beetle I can find that looks anything like it is Coproporus but this isn't a UK species.  Of course I'm not helped by the fact that most ID guides show a dorsal view and you lose most sense of how "high" the insect is.


Any ideas?

Not sure...
Thanks Chris, it is Cypha

Thanks Chris, it is Cypha longicornis.  Fortunately can be identified from the length of the antennal segments without dissection.  I hadn't seen one of these before, no picture does justice to the Quasimodo-like character of these beetles!

mystery staph

Hi Clive, Coproporus immigrans is about and well established in Surrey, Berks.

I had this one on a tree

I had this one on a tree yesterday wondered if it was the same genus? Unfortunatley I potted it up but must have lost the pot while I was out. 

Oops something has gone off

Oops something has gone off with my resising I'll try again. 



Sorted it clicked on the wrong picture