Pterostichus oblongostriatus

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Pterostichus oblongostriatus

Have just taken four P. oblongostriatus and I am odds with the description in Luff.  He says that the pronotal fovea are hardly punctured each side but mine vary from virtually unpunctured to quite heavily punctured.  Also I would not describe the eyltral margins as extremely narrow - they are narrow but not remarkably for Carabids.  Should we update the Carabid crib or have I done something horribly wrong? 

carabid crib


If you could leave the same comment here (, I'll pick it up and deal with it next time I revise the carabid crib. The species is Pterostichus oblongopunctatus, BTW.

This PSL site may have superseded the pan-species listing pages on my website but the rest of it is still carrying on!