AES - Kempton Park

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AES - Kempton Park

I've popped this onto the Calendar, for fuller details see

It's on Saturday 4th October this year. I'll be going, I'm kinda addicted to trawling through the secondhand books plus I've trashed my net through over use and I need to replace my lost handle and stock up on pots/tubes again. It's a great venue, many "famous" entomological folks present (it's where I ticked Jonty Denton, lol), masses of kit, livestock, original artwork, membership of various clubs and societies and much much more. I ate dried insects a few years back, who knows what'll be on sale this year! 

One word of advice, it gets hot and crowded in the main hall. Bring a bottle of cold drink with you - the food hall is rubbish and very expensive. Why waste money on over-priced drinks when you could be buying kit????

Hope to see you there, maybe next year we can organise a PSL stand??? (Mark, Graeme - thoughts on that?)