Mac based biological recording software

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Mac based biological recording software

Just registered on the PSL website!

Now need to generate a list of both historic data and records going forward. What Mac software is recommended for both ease of input and useful data output for as many groups as possible? Or would I be better off using an Excel based spreadsheet(s)? I'd rather get it right to start with than have to change the way I store data later down the line. My current records are hard copy.

Thanks. Mark


Well the old timers swear by Mapmate, the new kidz swear by i-record. Either will enable you to keep track of your lists. Maybe igo-terra is worth a squint??? Nowt wrong with keeping track of what you've seen on personal spreadsheets, I think I have 64 spreadsheets covering my UK PSL......sheesh!

THE Mark???

Also..are you the same Mark Colvin I knew from my UKButterflies days? I seem to recall you made Sami and I instant celebrities at the AES meet a few years back!

I'm pretty sure there's no

I'm pretty sure there's no Mac version of MapMate.

I'm wedded to MapMate myself and have adapted to its foibles and irregularities over the years. But if I was starting to database my biological records from scratch now, I'd use i-Record.