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Hi all. I try and get a few photos when I can, but, unlike most people my age I don't have a smartphone or camera phone, and don't take my camera everywhere I go so don't have pictures of some of my best sightings. Is it vital that I photograph everything I put on my list? 

You don't need to photograph

You don't need to photograph everything George. As long as you are confident of the identification , either from your own knowledge or by getting help from someone else, it is fine to count a species. PSL works on trust so no-one will ever ask you to justify a species that you are claiming. Hopefully you will submit your records to the relevant recording scheme and they may of course ask for further information if you see something unusual. 


Thanks again Tony, great help. I do of course try and snap when I can but sometimes I juest don't have the means to get a picture. 

I would think about investing in a simple camera

Cameras provide so many benefits to listing, namely:

-Giving a visual representation of your hobby, which both you and others will probably appreciate.

-Being able to check an ID later at home, either later that day, or months or years on from then!

-Providing documentation for interesting or rare records

-Providing photos of species that may not have ever been photographed before (or are otherwise rarely photographed)

-Making your friends and other listers jealous of your greatest finds!!


No, cameras are not mandatory, but given how easy it is to get a little digital camera these days, I'd recommend taking a look into buying one.