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a beginner...

Hi guys,

so I'm not sure how this works fully yet. I have put a start date of 2016, but now having had time to look through it I have added some species counts. These are just arbitary from 2016. I have a "life" UK bird list though and 3-4yrs of moth species. Can I add these species counts to the list?

Also I have only started using iRecord this year. My moth records were all submitted to the county recorder each year since I started. Therefore my species are scattered all over the show, lists, photos, diving logs, holiday diaries (like birding in Scillys or Orkneys). I never submitted them or recorded them. One thing I can see this PSL doing is making sure I keep an accurate database/list and submitting them to recording centres,

I can definitely put a date on the start of all this though as I returned from living 10yrs abroad in 2005. Before that I was a little too young to take any of it seriously.

I'm not sure what the subscription page is all about?

Any help/pointers/advice extremely welcome.



Hi Bill, 

Hi Bill, 

Usually the start date is when you started recording the species you saw. In this case I think it would be 2005. I'm not sure what the subscription page is though!

Good luck with your list, sorry I couldn't be of any more help!