Cows and Horses!

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Cows and Horses!

Hi guys,

Could I include Catttle (Bos primigenius), and Feral Horse (Equus ferus caballus) on my list as seen both in the wild, but it is obvious they were escaped animals from a field nearby! Could someone please tell me if they count!


Ben :-)

Hi Ben

Hi Ben

I may be wrong but I don't think anyone counts cattle or horses as they aren't truly wild, even if you see them in 'the wild'. I think some people have counted Feral Goat where they have seen populations that are free from any human management (apart from maybe culling). Generally I'd steer clear of livestock ticking, plenty more things to find and I'm sure you'll reach 1000 soon without the need for anything dodgy!

All the best



Hi Tony,
Thanks for answering my question, so I won't add them to my list. 1000 before the year ends is a big ask for me, but hopefully I can make it!

Thanks again,
Ben :-)

Feral Goat Ticker :)

Nothing wrong with the Feral Goats in Snowdonia (feral as in the true sense of the word, rather than semi-tame or escaped from captivity and now living wild). They've been up there since long before Rabbits, Pheasants, Little Owls, Sika Deer and Grey Squirrels arrived in Britain. They do get culled in as much as they sometimes descend and nibble where they aren't always wanted - hence some are shot. Other than that they live entirely free of man's interference. Not an ear tag or bell in sight  :)


The wild horse is also called Equus ferus and Eurasian wild horse Equus ferus ferus become extinct long ago. Feral horses are wild and untamed but possess ancestors which were domesticated. Great essays, diligent writers So we can't say these horses are really wild although we call them so.