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Help, I'm new!


I'm sorry if I've missed it but is there anywhere I can read about how to move the days record ( as put on irecords) over onto my pan list on this site.?? Or am I being thick.? (more than likely!!)

Any clues as how to commence would be great




Welcome Sue!
I haven't started using iRecord myself yet but as far as I know there is no feature in the PSL site for importing records or list totals from iRecord. So I think the answer to both your questions is No! You'll just have to enter your pan-species list totals manually.

Good luck,


You can download your totals

You can download your totals from iRecord: go to Explore > My records, and under the map there'll be tabs to look at species, numbers of species per group, etc - each tab has a download link in the bottom-right corner. Once you've done that you can add anything you've seen that's not on iRecord yet and put the totals on here

Re: Posting from PSL to Wildlife Recorders

My reason for not using iRecord, is the fact that, in spite of posting on iRecord, I still have to submit records to the various county recorders. They are not posted automatically. Is this also true for PSL? If so are there any plans to change this?