Nephrotoma crocata

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Nephrotoma crocata

Wasn't quite sure where to put this. It's not a blog (and I haven't finished the last one yet!) and it's not ID help.

Nephrotma crocata, RDB3(?) 

Gibster (not verified)
Photos Insects:Diptera :)

Could put it under Photos, Insects:Diptera? ;) Tis a very nice beastie, craneflies seem to be either boring wee grey jobbies or cosmic stunners with bugger all in the middle. I like this one lots! Is there a version of the key online do you know?

Gibster (not verified)
More info on Nephrotoma

There's a nice bit about the species on a Dipterists Forum page here

and a map of its British distribution here

and there's a wealth of detail regards the genus Nephrotoma early instar larva here, should anyone feel an overwhelming desire to gen up on it!,_2014.pdf