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Pan listing species parameters - at home and abroad

Having received a number of comments concerning my recent up-load of species scores onto the Pan Listers Facebook site, I thought I might write a blog concerning my lists, the reasons I make them and some of the conditions I apply. Although of interest to, I believe, a very few, I am as concerned about world listing as I am about more local UK or British Isles listing. Personally I do not keep a garden, or county list in any group, but that is my choice as are all the conditions under which I keep my record totals. I do keep a year list, as I believe this keeps me on my toes in species...

The Lesser-known Caloplaca Species

I am putting up the rest of the Caloplacas, for which I have no photographs as a BLOG.

Caloplaca ahtii

Species named after the great Finnish lichenologist Ted Ahti. It is an insignificant little thing which has never been found fertile in the UK. It has an effuse thallus which is bluish grey consisting of squamule like areoles which are to a great or lesser extent, sorediate. It has been found on aspen bark in Central Scotland and is currently considered rare. It could well be under recorded. One for the experts, I think!

Calopla approximata

This species has...

Excellent Bird!

This morning I had an amazing, but strangely extreme experience that makes quite a nice story, which I will share. On 9th June, I was being driven by my wife Amanda south of Wych Cross when I noticed a large raptor with a pale underside to the east of the road to Chelwood Gate. I wondered what it was, but not having further information and not being able to stop, dismissed it without much thought. At that stage, I had heard of a Short-toed Eagle in the New Forest, and vaguely thought I might go for it, if it hung about. On the tenth, I read amongst the reports from Rare Bird Alert, that a...


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