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Woodland pan-species patch additions

Many of my recent blog additions have been photos of fungi, but this latest entry may be of more general interest:


Of course if you are interested in fungi, feel free to look back over recent posts. The numbers in the text refer to my pan-species patch list (Whitlingham CP near Norwich), where I have seen around half of my overall pan-species list.

10 (mostly Norfolkian) nature highlights of 2014

My 10 species highlights of 2014


1 - Winter Stalkball (Tulostoma brumale) – This fungus looks rather like a bleached rabbit dropping on a stalk, so what’s not to like? After getting some directions from Rob Smith I saw lots of these at Holme Dunes, and then went back in October when Rob showed me the closely related Scaly Stalkball (Tulostoma melanocyclum).


Holme Dunes fungi

On Sunday I headed up to the North Norfolk coast to join some local naturalists in looking for dune and coastal fungi. We had a good day, seeing loads of Dune Waxcaps, Earthtongues and Collared Earthstars. Local specialties included Scaly Stalkball and Sea Buckthorn Bracket, and a couple of coral fungi may turn out to be new for me, provided we can confirm their identities! A full write up is on my blog http://jamesbirdsandbeer.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/north-west-norfolk-holme-fungi.html, but...

Norwich fungi

October is always a busy month for me as vagrant birds vie with fungi for my attention at weekends. This weekend fungi won out, and I went to a local cemetery, where the ancient grassland parts host a good mixture of Waxcaps, Earthtongues, Corals and Spindles. Earlier this year Kew confirmed that some of the Earthtongues are Geoglossum elongatum, very rare in Britain, and several county firsts and seconds have been found there in the past few years. Pictures of some of the more photogenic species are on my blog here:...


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