Norwich fungi

October is always a busy month for me as vagrant birds vie with fungi for my attention at weekends. This weekend fungi won out, and I went to a local cemetery, where the ancient grassland parts host a good mixture of Waxcaps, Earthtongues, Corals and Spindles. Earlier this year Kew confirmed that some of the Earthtongues are Geoglossum elongatum, very rare in Britain, and several county firsts and seconds have been found there in the past few years. Pictures of some of the more photogenic species are on my blog here: The photo here shows different stages of Dog Stinkhorn (Mutinus caninus), which was growing in large numbers on some woody debris.


Thanks.  Seth, not sure how

James Emerson's picture

Thanks.  Seth, not sure how common Dog Stinkhorn is nationally, but this year and last I've seen large quantities at a couple of sites around Norwich, usually on wood mulch (these were in a flower bed area, last year I saw lots at Whitlingham Marsh growing on woodchip piles) so this may be your year to see some!

Fingers crossed!

Cool stuff, I'll keep my eyes wide open for piles of woodchips (or dodgy-looking fellas with cameras near them...) ;)