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Hylocomium splendens

I've got a bit of a backlog with blog posts I'd like to write but haven't yet done so. The most recent have been:

In addition, I've just finished five (long) posts about a trip to Lanzarote in April:

  1. Sand and lava
  2. Following Humboldt
  3. A long walk to the cliffs
  4. Shrubs, birds and aeroplanes
  5. A Lanzarote album

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Hylocomium splendens


What a brilliant read,

What a brilliant read, thankyou for sharing. I visited Lanzarote 21st-28th April 1994 and the vilages you mention and some of your pics brought back some wonderful memories. I went there purely for the birding, which I thoroughly enjoyed at the time. How I wish I'd paid more attention to the plants!

I can't help with any of your mystery plant pics, but the bird in the bushes seems to be a Sylvia warbler. The red eye ring and the geography should narrow it down to either Sardinian or Subalpine, but the pale lines on the head are very confusing. On balance I think it is probably a Sardinian, did you manage any other pics of different angles, even if blurry?

Thoroughly good read, I really like your style.

Cheers again,