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June 2022 additions

(JUNE) Melampsora lini (fun), Anthomyia liturata (dip), Agabus nebulosus (col), Melanimon tibialis (col), Fannia atripes (dip), Fringecups (vasc), Delia cardui (dip), Great Lettuce (vasc), Platydracus stercorarius (col, det. D.Stenhouse), Fannia polychaeta, Myopina myopina (dip, new to VC85), Haematopota crassicornis (dip, thx Martin Harvey), Deleaster dichrous (col, new to VC85), Bembidion tetracolum (col), Geranium phaeum (vasc), Thricops nigrifrons (dip), Melampsorella symphyti (fun), Bruchidius villosus (col, new to Scotland per NBN), Fannia fuscula (dip), Briza media (vasc), Puccinia...

Apr-May additions

(APR) Strobilomyia infrequens (dip, 1st Scottish), Pegomya haemorrhoum (dip), Pherbellia schoenherri (dip, 1st VC85), Barbarea intermedia (vasc) (MAY) Goldilocks Buttercup (vasc), Puccinia adoxae (fun), Cheilotrichia cinerascens (dip), Black Currant (don't judge me ...), Empis chioptera (dip), Alliopsis silvestris (dip), Phorbia bartaki (dip), Erioconopa trivialis (dip), Lasiomma anthomyinum (dip, 1st Scottish), Ranunculus bulbosus (vasc #750), Fumaria capriolata (vasc), Protocalliphora azurea (dip), Empis opaca (dip), Lungwort, Rue-leaved Saxifrage (vasc), Heterostylodes nominabilis (dip...


So intent have I been on recording specific groups or adding new species to my reserve list that I'd almost forgotten how relaxing and satisfying it is just wandering around recording everything.

Prompted by comments on the 1kmsq challenge  I venture out at lunchtime for a 40 minute stroll around my local neighbourhood. Sycamore, Ash, Spruce, Ivy, Herb Robert, a few woodland birds then up around the point to the shore. The tide's high, so only the strandline of mostly Ascophyllum nodosum and Fucus vesiculosus - Spirorbis spirorbis and Electra pilosa, unknown to me until the last ...


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