Not really a blog - just a few sightings from the last couple of days. 

Had a wander around Woods Mill (Graeme and Penny's place of employment) yesterday to show mum some bluebells - and she also heard her first Nightingale :) The hoverfly Leucozona lucorum was new for me but only one (poor) photo as the damned thing wouldn't sit still! Saw some interesting spider behaviour in the vegetation by the big pond. One (terrible) photo, but the males were enthusiastically waving their palps around! Also saw my first Large Red Damsel for the year.

A single firebug at the Sompting site as well.



Sorry I missed you, I was in's picture

Sorry I missed you, I was in Thetford all day! I saw loads of Leucozona on Monday along the top path, cracking little flies. I'm amazed at the Firebugs, there were 80+ when I last looked in 2012!