Species category: Platyhelminth worms
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Non-native flatworms

ID sheet on non-native flatworms from Non-Native Species Secretariat.

Identification of flatworms

Jones, H.D. 2005. Identification: British land flatworms. British Wildlife 16(3): 189-194. [A few species have been added to the British list since this was published.]

Species category: Molluscs
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Guide to Molluscs of France

Very well-illustrated downloadable guides to Molluscs of France, text in French, beautifully detailed photos of shells. Citations:

  • Gargominy O. & Theo E.J. Ripken 2011. Une collection de référence pour la malacofaune terrestre de France. MalaCo, HS 1 : 1-108.
  • Gargominy O. & E. Neubert 2011. Identifier les clausilies de France. MalaCo, HS1 : 109-122.


Slugs of Britain and Ireland updated field guide to the land slugs of Britian and Ireland.

Species category: None specified
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Local environmental records centres

Contacts details for all LRCs.

National recording schemes and societies

BRC's list of national scheme contacts.


Online recording for all taxa, from the Biological Records Centre, linked to recording schemes, records centres and the NBN.


Community of naturalists dedicated to helping people learn about wildlife identification - please ask for ID help if needed, and please provide help to others if you can!

Highly Localised Species Map

Feel free to add entries for species which only exist in a limited area. Please be careful with other peoples entries as everyone with the link has full editing capabilities.

Richard Comont's web ID resources list

A great list of identification resources compiled by Richard

Species category: Arachnids
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Spiders of Europe

An online key to the spiders of Europe

Species category: Insects: Coleoptera
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Mike Hackston's beetle keys

Various keys; some down to species, others only to genus.

Covers the following families: Aderidae, Anthicidae, Biphyllidae, Bostrichidae, Buprestidae, Byrrhidae, Cantharidae, Carabidae, Cerambycidae, Cerylonidae, Chrysomelidae, Ciidae, Colydiidae, Dasytidae, Dryopidae, Erotylidae, Geotrupidae, Gyrinidae, Heteroceridae, Histeridae, Meloidae, Mycetophagidae, Nitidulidae, Silphidae, Silvanidae, Staphylinidae, Trogidae


Species category: Insects: Hymenoptera
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Interactive Online Key - Ant Identification

An excelent online key that covers a good number of UK speices.


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