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Confessions of a failing pan-lister

As one of the 'original' members of Mr. Telfer's pan-listing league table (it wasn't called that back then), it has been warming to see such an avid uptake of the concept, with over 100 naturalists willing to share their numbers with others. The most warming aspect of this has been the realisation that quite a few of them are relative youngsters - the study of inverts, lichens and more obscure groups than these seems to be in safe (young) hands. But with this influx of 'newbies' comes a personal reckoning - that of sliding down the league table. I left the top 10 fairly early on and found...

Fridge ticking moths

Britain's first record of the noctuid moth Aedia funestra made the lepidopteran headlines this weekend. Trapped by Nigel Jarman at Kingsdown, Kent on June 13, it was then taken on a short journey to Dungeness where it was on show to all who wished to see it. There would have been a number of people who travelled a few hundred miles to do so, even if they had made the same journey less than a week before to see Britain's second Banded Pine Carpet, trapped by Barry Banson in his Littlestone garden. This 'exhibition' of rare moths is not confined to Dungeness - most permanent coastal MV's (...


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