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Called in to see the Tall Mouse-ear hawkweed in Hungerford. Drew a blank searching the huge wall above the Tesco car park. In desperation got out the bins and there it is standing tall right on top of the immense slab of brick ...waving gracefully as the High speed trains hurtle past. Cant access the railtrack, so a telescope /telescopic lens is essential for a good look. Last time I resorted to such tactics was to tick off Woad clinging to half way up a chalk cliff in a very obliging ladies back garden in Guildford, Surrey!


First game of season on sunday for the MCC weather permitting, let's face it plenty of time to stop and stare in the gentlemans's game. So how about best records whilst at a cricket match?? Our square at Medstead has been colonised recently by Andrena cineraria, Cuckoo regularly strikes up esp. when I come into bat!! . The pitch in Pirbright in Surrey is a great place for Chamomile and marsh pennywort is also abundant in the outfield! Ripley CC has a new plant for Britain at silly mid-off (Soliva valdiviana). Arundel's ground used to have Field Cricket!! Obviously some Golf...


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