August 2022

Palm Kernel Expeller

What is Palm Kernel Expeller?

palm kernel expeller borneohale

A by-product of palm oil production, Palm Kernel Expeller is made in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia that have tropical rainforests. Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Pakistan combined to generate less than 10% of the world's palm kernel cake, in comparison to the aforementioned nations. In the meantime, one of the top...

What is kratom

A Southeast Asian tree is the source of kratom. It belongs to the coffee family of trees. It can be found in Africa and Southeast Asia. A substance called mitragynine, found in the leaves, has opioid properties similar to morphine. Both stimulating effects are produced when its leaves are consumed (in low doses). Kratom is a term used frequently to describe a natural drug that has stimulant and opioid-like effects. It allegedly affects opioid receptors. Kratom leaves are typically chewed or used to make tea; they are rarely smoked. Kratom works as a stimulant at low doses, boosting users'...