Hi all

Hi everyone. Just joined the site. I have been keeping a PSL for about 5 years now but work has prevented me from doing much on it. Decided that he best way to slap myself back in to action was to join this site. The totals I have put up are somewhat provisional in that they are from about two years ago but I'm hoping to update them over the coming months and get out and see some new stuff. I'm lucky in that I am a biochemist in a biology department here in Plymouth which gives me access to resources and lots of organisms on field trips but it also means my time is often limited. As many, I started in birds which led to Odonata and the odd plant and butterfly. My PSL epiphany was probably in 2010 when I lifted a log and there were a number of species of Isopod and several snails and I thought to myself how ignorant I was about groups other than those I was already interested in. I set myself a challenge of a new group per year which worked for a bit (Isopoda,Moths, Ferns) but then stalled. 

Jammiest moment was being called to the bathroom by my partner to remove a monster from the shower that turned out to be this Leptoglossus occidentalis!

looking forward to the challenge!


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